8 hip flooring looks you can accomplish with lvt or sheet vinyl

8 hip flooring looks you can accomplish with lvt or sheet vinyl

1. reclaimed wood

2016 is the year for Reclaimed wood. It’s all the hype and can be found on every design blog or magazine. The rustic look of basically “beat up old wood” is a beautiful addition to almost any home in the pacific northwest, especially Portland. A reclaimed wood floor is known for its warm tones and bold texture. It’s simple to fit with most styles and requires little matching. Genuine reclaimed wood floors can be expensive and impossible to get your hands on. Ranging from $7 to $20 per square foot. 

LVT and sheet vinyl on the other hand can achieve an indistinguishable look to reclaimed wood for a fraction of the cost.

2. hex subway tile

Subway tile is classic and timeless.
 It isn’t just a trend because we have yet to see it go out of style. You can find subway tile in a bathroom that hasn’t been remodeled for 30+ years as well as in a home that just hit the market last month. Subway Tile is a traditional material that just fits. It’s meant to be and brightens up any and every bathroom. Hex tile although is a fairly new occurrence and distinguishes a bathroom in the 70’s from one today. Hex tiles is fresh, clean, and a style that will stick around for a while. 

Convinced? Go on Pinterest or Houzz and browse some beautiful bathrooms and kitchens that utilize subway tile and there will be no going back. If you want hex tile flooring in your bathroom here are a few options. Porcelain Hex tile comes in various sizes most popular being 2 inches and 4 inches.

3. gray/white hardwood

Gray or Whitewashed Hardwood

For the higher end look: go with a gray or white washed finish. This is all the buzz in 2016, the gray color provides a cool atmosphere in any room and has an elegant touch to it that says high end material. Many homeowners are refinishing their current hardwood flooring with water borne poly to achieve the gray look with their current wood.

Gray is a contemporary look that is used in many modern homes, as it can be paired with any neutral color to create a tone of stability and even peace. Darker gray colors are perfect as a backdrop to accent another color. High contrasting colors can be used in the furniture or walls to create any ambient effect you desire.

 A plus side to using gray, is you can achieve any tone or atmosphere you wish. Gray can be used for rustic, contemporary, and traditional effects, or even blends of multiple. You can’t go wrong in 2016 if you choose gray hardwood floors. 

Dark Hardwood

Similar to gray, darker hardwood has also been rising in popularity. Mainly due to the bold backdrop it creates for accenting other colors. You can use dark hardwood to create almost any atmosphere in your home. Bold white, compliments the deep dark hardwood, as does a bright red.Any vibrant color can be contrasted with the dark hardwood to build an atmosphere that is unique to your taste. 

Word of caution: darker hardwood floors are more difficult to maintain and clean. The darker it is the more prone it is to showing scratches, nicks, and blemishes. Steps can definitely be taken to overcome occasional damage, but requires more attention than a lighter hardwood would require. If you do opt for darker colors, do not get a glossy finish. Not only is gloss out of style in 2016, gloss on a dark hardwood reflects tons of light making every scratch and blemish highly noticeable. 

Although if you aren’t striving to create an elegant high end look but are rather seeking a rustic feel. Dark hardwood may be perfect with a weathered, distressed, or hand scrapped look that has a rough feel to it. If that is the style you are going for you don’t have to worry about scratches and blemishes because it will only add to the rustic look.

4. concrete tile

For a modern or urban look concrete flooring is the hype. To achieve a concrete look without getting real concrete floors opt for look alike porcelain tile. Cheaper, warmer, and easier to upkeep... porcelain tile is the go to material. Concrete look alike tile can be used in bathrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and more. The concrete look is a recently emerging trend that is here to stay. In Portland it seems every day we see modern homes popping up left and right, get in on the style rush and experiment with concrete tile looks.