do it yourself tile projects

do it yourself tile projects

Do it Yourself Tile Projects

Have you ever noticed the beautiful backsplash or elegant tile flooring at a friends house?Looking at the price tag of some of those tile projects can be frightening. Fear not, this week we would like to show you a bunch of tile projects that you can do relatively easily on your own with minimal prior experience, and not break the bank. The list of things you can do with tile is virtually inexhaustible. You can create beautiful looking backsplashes with a variety of colors and materials, as well as mix and match patterns and designs for the floor. Are you prepared to get creative? There are many different tile types, colors, materials, and more to choose from. What you need is an open weekend (or a couple of days) and loads of creativity and you will be well on your way. Here are some projects that we think you can do easily on your own. 

Bathroom tile flooring

Materials cost: $150 
(for 100 square feet)

Tools, Equipment cost: $200

Total Project cost: $350

Since bathrooms are typically much smaller in size than your average room would be. Installing tile flooring is much simpler in a bathroom than a larger room and for this reason you can do it yourself. Tile flooring can be installed in a bathroom in just a couple of days so this can be done as an easy weekend project. Make sure to follow the steps for proper preparation of the subfloor before you begin your installation. Here is an article by Lowes Home Improvement: How to prepare your subfloor for tile installation

After you have completed subfloor preparation and have measured and purchased the correct amount of tile you are ready to begin installation. Here is another article: How to install tile

A few key points to remember are:

  • Always start laying tile at the line crossing in the middle of the room
  • After laying tile allow it to dry and settle for 24 hours before taking out any spacers and applying the grout
  •  If your tiles are larger than 12”x12” it is a good idea to back butter them.
  • Always leave an extra 1/4” around the edges, especially near structures (toilet, table, tub, etc) 

Once you have laid the tiles and have allowed 24 hours for them to dry you can apply the grout. Here are a few things to remember while applying grout:

  • Wipe away all of the excess damp mortar off of the tile
  • Don’t fill in the 1/4” that you left on the edge of the tile with grout (this space should be left empty for expansion)
  • After a few weeks you can apply sealer to seal the grout

We have rounded up a few sweet looking bathroom floors that we think you can easily do. 

Tile accent wall

Material Cost: $300
 (for 40 square feet)

Tools and Supply cost: $150

Total Project Cost: $450

One of the most simple ways to boost the visual appeal of any bathroom is to add an accent wall. Whether that be in a shower, a bathtub, or simply one of the bathroom walls. An accent wall is the ultimate design item, paired with the current colors that are already present within your bathroom you can create a phenomenal look. Tile sheets come ready to be installed onto the wall. All you need is to purchase all of the necessary tools and materials and you can easily have the project done in a couple of days. The total cost of materials should amount to no more than $300 for a 40 square foot area, while we have seen some get it done for as low as $50 by using scrap tile materials. A simple to follow step by step guide from the DIY network on the installation process. 

Simple Kitchen Backsplash

Material Cost: $600 
(for 50 square feet of ceramic or glass tile)

Or: $150 (for 50 square feet of vinyl tile)

Tools and Supply cost: $200

Total Project cost: $350-$700

A new kitchen backsplash is a great way to freshen up your kitchen. We have mentioned this many times in previous posts; the kitchen is the heart of the home. This room is the place where all of the life happens, making it look great is the least that you can do. Now you can do just that for a very reasonable price. Depending on the material you choose; real ceramic/glass tile or vinyl tile, you can significantly change the design of your kitchen. Picking the correct type of backsplash and color is the difficult part though. Check out our article on “Kitchen Design trends and tips” for a guide towards selection of the correct color or consult with a designer on what coloring and material will be best for you. Installing backsplash in your kitchen is a little bit more difficult and may require some prior experience or outside help, but it can be done. How to guide on DIY backsplash installation.

We do realize that some of these projects may be difficult to accomplish yourself without much prior experience. We do not recommend you to attempt to do these projects yourself if that is the case. There are many local professionals that can help and we advice you to seek their assistance. Our pricing suggestions are estimations based on local retailers, your price may depend on your location and type of material you choose. 

We hope that we were able to inspire you to go out and create your very own phenomenal looking bathroom or kitchen. Here at Divine Hardwood & Stone we are ready to answer any of your questions and can even help you pick out the right tile for the project or help with installation. Let us know how we can help!