is it time to refinish your hardwood floors find out how to tell

is it time to refinish your hardwood floors find out how to tell

should i refinish my hardwood floors? find out how to tell

Hardwood floors are a highly valued aspect of any home. 
According to many realtors and many sources such as HGTV, the NWFA and Forbes: new or updated floors (especially hardwood) can increase the value of your home in many cases. Hardwood flooring has become a sought after item for many homebuyers, especially in Portland’s current housing market. Did you know that the current hardwood floors that you have can be refinished to almost any look for cheap? 

Find out if your Hardwood Floors need Refinishing, and why you should get it done soon! 

check for wear in the wood…

High Traffic Areas: 
First step in checking for wear in your current hardwood flooring is to notice the most high traffic areas and monitor them: simple. Notice the areas where you spend most time; hallways, next to doorways, entryways, and places where your kids or pets spend the most time. Run your hand over the wood and feel for uneven areas where the stain has visibly begun to wear off. Pay attention to discoloration, scratches, and dings in both high and low traffic areas. 

Word of caution: Just because there are dings, discoloration, and worn areas does not mean that your wood floors need to be refinished. It’s a little bit of a tricky procedure to actually determine if your floors need refinishing. Consider the next steps…
Water test: After monitoring the high traffic areas, you might have noticed worn areas. Places where the stain is gone or the surface is uneven. To check just how bad it is pour a little bit of water onto the surface of the floor (a teaspoon or two should be plenty). Pay attention to what happens, if the water droplets stay on the surface of the wood and don’t soak into the wood the finish is still in good condition, if the water droplets do begin to soak into the wood it may be time to consider refinishing your floors. 

Pets and children are a good indicator of whether or not you need to refinish your floors more often than is generally recommended. Pets often times scratch up the floors prematurely (especially with a large dog), if this is the case pay extra attention to the condition of your floors and as soon as you notice wear in the finish begin planning for a refinish. Young children are also more prone to spilling and scratching. Check for water damage often around high use areas, and watch for scratches and wear in areas your children frequent with their scratch causing toys. 

Good to know: Generally homeowners refinish their hardwood floors every 10-15 years, use this as a benchmark for how often you should refinish yours. 

why you should refinish your floors? 

Cheapest Alternative to Full Floor Replacement
Whether you are tired of the current look of your floors or they are in such a horrendous condition you can’t stand them, replacing them isn’t always your best bet. A typical hardwood refinishing job ranges from just $2.50 to $3.50 per square foot. Much less expensive than tearing out all the wood, purchasing new wood, and installing it all over again. The benefit of having a solid hardwood floor is simple: you can sand off the old finish and reapply a new one almost whenever you like. 

Make your Floors Look Fresh, New, & Updated

When refinishing your hardwood floors you have full control over the color and style you want. You get to start from scratch… which means; you can finally ditch that old, glossy, yellow finish you thought was a good idea 20 years ago. Instead you can opt for a more modern distressed or hand scrapped hardwood with a darker contemporary look. It’s all in your control, whichever style you think will fit you best. Imagine how jealous your friends and family are going to be when they visit you for christmas and see your “new” floors. 

Preserve the Floor from Premature Damage

The number one reason you should refinish your hardwood floors is to prevent future damage. If the finish is worn and you’re ignoring it, you will face water damage like it or not. Wood is a natural material that requires care and attention. To keep it in service for a lifetime requires the occasional refinish and/or repair. Although we often see hardwood floors that have been in service for a 100+ years one can easily destroy a hardwood floor in under 20. If you are not planning on taking care of your hardwood floors it might've been a better idea for you to just get laminate or LVT, leave the beautiful natural wood for someone who really wants it.