kitchen backsplash design trends you won’t want to miss in 2017

kitchen backsplash design trends you won’t want to miss in 2017

four kitchen backsplash trends

Aside from being a great tool in preventing water and food from splashing onto your wall and consistently damaging it… a kitchen backsplash is what ultimately gives any kitchen the facelift that is absolutely necessary.

Although it takes up the least amount of space in the room the backsplash is arguably the most crucial element in terms of design.

The purpose of the backsplash is to compliment the countertop and cabinets, how it does that, is up to you though. Many prefer to take a creative and artistic approach by utilizing unusual yet unique materials. Others like the bright and colorful look and opt for bright red, yellow, or green ceramic tile. A few might even prefer the timeless look of glass. 

Today we will showcase our top four most favorite backsplash design trends and show you how you can get ahold of these materials and turn your kitchen into a masterpiece. 

elegant glass mosaic

First on our list is the painted back glass mosaic. We have seen this material pop up more and more often the last couple of years and many homeowners are choosing this material as their number one choice when remodeling a kitchen. 

Glass mosaic comes in vibrant diverse color and in various shapes and sizes.

Glass mosaic and glass mosaic mixed with slate squares

Rectangular Inline Glass Mosaic

timeless subway tile

This is one tile trend that has been around for decades and isn’t going anywhere in the near future. On the contrary subway tiles have actually been gaining popularity on new construction homes all over the country. Available in various colors and sizes subway tile is most commonly used for kitchen backsplashes, bathroom backsplashes, and shower walls. 

want luxury? choose marble

For some reason marble is coming back into style in 2016 and 2017 and coming back quicker than expected. Marble has been excused by most as a great countertop material because of how difficult it is to maintain… constantly etching and staining. As a backsplash material however marble has made a comeback as the choice material. Marble has been historically known as a “luxury material” only used on high end homes and placed absolutely everywhere. Marble tile floors, marble bathroom tiles, marble countertops, and so on. 

After many have realized just how hard marble is to care for they opt for materials such as porcelain, quartz, or granite. Marble though has retained its luxury image and is still used in higher end homes. 

Recently it has picked up in popularity as a backsplash material. Since the backsplash doesn’t take as much of a daily beating as a countertop or floor would it’s safe to use even in the kitchen. 

nothing says high end like stone 

Maybe even one step further, stone or slate is a material that competes with marble or tile head to head. Marble will not work in every single kitchen style, where marble has it’s limitations stone steps in and fills the slack. 

With stone you have the option of natural stone pebbles, slate mixed in with glass, actual rectangular rock tile pieces, and so much more. 

We hope that at least one of the above four trends resonated with you. Find the one material that best fits your style and shop around for the perfect backsplash... it's out there we promise. If you would like to see samples of various tile and stone materials feel free to stop by our showroom during regular business hours and we will be glad to help you pick something out. Or shop our tile backsplash online store from the convenience of your computer whenever you like.