take this quiz: what kind of carpet is perfect for your home

take this quiz: what kind of carpet is perfect for your home

Carpet is still the most viable flooring option to date. It’s such a comfortable material that is both soft, warm, and welcoming… perfect for a homey environment. There are literally thousands of different carpet’s out there and selecting the perfect one for you might seem like an impossible task. Carpet should add to a homes decor and help unify the atmosphere generating a central theme.

It’s all in the design principles, and making a rash decision when choosing a carpet may be detrimental to both your wallet and the design of your home. 

Here is a quick quiz that will help you determine the best carpet for you!

What is your budget?

As always the money question is arguably the most important question when it comes to selecting a product. Thankfully homeowners have a large variety when it comes to carpet selection (thousands of options to be exact) and finding a budget friendly option is never a problem. 

If you are looking for a cheap carpet solution that is quality but won’t necessarily be the most trendiest product or won’t hold up to wear and tear as much we have a wide selection of products under $2.00 per square foot. 

For a higher budget you can get a higher quality product such as our favorite Stainmaster carpet. Ranging from $2.50-$5.00 per square foot you can get premium single color Stainmaster carpet that is perfect for homes with kids and pets. Stainmaster is rated as one of the most durable and stain resistant carpet products in the industry and is guaranteed to last. 

For a high end look or carpeting in a low use room many customers opt for Stanton wool carpet or Stainmaster/Stanton patterned carpet. These two are the definition of luxury when it comes to carpet flooring. 

Just a Couple of Carpet Options we Have on our Online Store

how messy is your house?

It’s ok if your home is messy, that’s just a fact of life. Kids, pets, and occasionally you yourself will have accidents that will cause spills and stains. People aren’t robots… we expect unforeseen accidents to happen. 

However this is an important question to answer that will help you determine which carpet is most suitable for your home. 

If you are looking for a higher end carpet and know that it will be installed in a very seldom used room that will not see wear and tear as much as other places it may be worth investing in wool carpet. Wool carpet is the most expensive carpet option but it is also extremely durable. Not a carpet that you would want to spill coffee or jam on but otherwise a premium option. 

If you would like a high end look but have to constantly deal with spills and stains a patterned stainmaster carpet may be right for you!

If you are on a budget and don’t see extensive spills and staining happening in your home it might be best to just opt for a cheaper budget carpet that will look great but won’t break the bank. 

what room is the carpet going in?

Although this doesn't make a difference in most situations it’s a good question to ask yourself. Generally you wouldn’t put an intricate patterned carpet in a bedroom because it just wouldn’t fit and wouldn’t serve the same purpose as being used in a more visible and presentable location such as a living room. 

Consider the uses of each room and select carpet accordingly. You may want to consult with a sales person or an interior designer to help determine which specific carpet will be best in your situation. 

how much traffic will the carpet endure on a daily basis? 

Going hand in hand with the “messiness” question it is important to consider how much foot traffic the carpet will get. 

It may very well be that the carpet will not see much damage as a result of spills but will be useless after just a couple of years due to extensive foot traffic. 

Here’s what you need to keep in mind when selecting and purchasing carpet: fiber type and fiber density. Popular quality fibers today would be Nylon 6.6 which is resistant to wear and is used in most Stainmaster products as well as all natural wool fiber carpet which is also durable. Density is just as important, the closer the carpet fibers at to each other the more dense the carpet is and thus better quality. 

how large is the room? 

Room size should influence the carpet color you select. For small rooms it is important to use a light colored carpet as it reflects light better and makes the room appear larger or more spacious. In a larger room however you have the option of selecting a darker color that will fit better to the style of the room. 

lighting conditions? 

Same as the small room large room situation, in homes with low lighting using a darker carpet will cause color clashes and make the room seem even darker. Which is why light carpet is recommended in poorly lit locations. However if you have tons of natural day lighting or plenty of light you have the option to select more intricate wool, patterned, or dark carpets since details will be more visible.