the hottest trending flooring product in 2017

the hottest trending flooring product in 2017

Homeowners are consistently looking for what’s best. They are looking for the product that will allow them to have the peace of mind that they deserve. Homeowners want durability, they want affordability, and they want style. All of these factors are very important to everyone and every homeowner is diligently searching for the product that meets all of their needs and requirements. 

We know a material that meet all of those needs and according to many the next best flooring trend and a universal material. 

It is probably the most durable flooring material currently on the market, it is completely waterproof (in most cases), it will not scratch or dent, it looks exactly like any other natural material, there are literally thousands of styles to choose from, and it’s more affordable than basically any other flooring material. 

What is it? Luxury Vinyl Tile Plank!

Before you turn away, put your prejudice against LVT aside for a minute and read some of the following reasons we think that LVT is the next greatest flooring material. We see trends phase in and out over the years and we know what sticks around. LVT is one of those materials that may not be 100% perfect right now, but will definitely be the number one flooring material choice for the next 5-10 years. 

What is LVT? 

LVT should not be confused with other similar vinyl products such as VCT (which is vinyl composite tile) or loose lay sheet vinyl. LVT is a Luxury Vinyl Tile that is a hard flooring material that can either be installed as a loose lay click in plank or a glue down plank.

LVT is a pressed plank or tile that is made out of several layers, most often:

  • Vinyl Backing
  • Vinyl Core
  • Print Film Layer (the design)
  • Protective clear “wear layer” 
The layers are pressed together to create planks or tiles that can then be laid or installed wherever you choose. 

Not to be confused with laminate flooring LVT is a completely different material. Instead of a wood based core like laminate LVT has a vinyl core that is much more durable and longer lasting in many cases. 

why is LVT such a great material for Flooring? 

1. Texture

The biggest complaint that homeowners have against man made flooring options is that it often appears to be very fake looking. Natural wood has the texture and grain of real wood while an image is an image and “not the real thing”. 

We agree, but we would like to provide a counter argument… in the last 40 years since LVT was introduced technology has gotten hundreds of times better. Very recently LVT manufacturers have been able to perfect the printing process (with 3D printing) as a result we are able to get planks with the texture and grain of natural wood. 

The color and look of the printing has gotten so good that more often than not an unskilled eye will be able to make no distinction between a real hardwood floor or a LVT plank floor. 

Don’t believe us? Visit our showroom and take a look at some of the LVT products that we have available. 

2. Comfort

If you grew up in a house with old vinyl or LVT floors you know just how soft and comfortable the material is underfoot. It’s simply put a comfortable material that doesn’t feel out of place but is rather welcoming, warm, and cushioned. 

LVT is a soft flooring option that is perfect for families. Unlike hardwood, laminate, or tile… the surface of a Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank floor is soft underfoot and perfect for almost any room (including kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms). 

3. Durability

Unlike any other material LVT is designed with durability in mind. The surface of each plank is coated with a clear protective wear layer that is guaranteed to withstand scratches, UV exposure, water exposure, moisture, claws, and anything else you might throw its way. 

The majority of the LVT products that we carry have a lifetime residential warranty and up to a 10 commercial warranty. 

Each is guaranteed to be water resistant or even waterproof and perfect for even bathrooms which are usually the most moisture prone locations of every home. 

4. Design Options

With printing technology manufacturers are able to duplicate the exact pattern of any natural material; tile, stone, hardwood, bamboo, slate, and everything in between. 

The pattern is printed to recreate a good representation of the natural material so that it is practically indistinguishable from the real thing. 

Due to the rising popularity of LVT there are hundreds of different color options, textures, and grains. Come visit our showroom and take a look at how large of a variety is available. 

Unlike natural wood that can scratch easily or after prolonged exposure to sun light discolor significantly… LVT will remain stable and sustain its original color over a longer time. This way you as a homeowner can confidently select a material and not be afraid that within a few years it will discolor and become the opposite of what you originally hoped for. 

5. Ease of Installation

Unlike porcelain or ceramic tile which require extensive knowledge & experience in order to correctly install luxury vinyl tile can be installed by a handy homeowner who likes DIY projects. LVT comes in both click in tiles/planks as well as glue down pieces. 

Not to mention cost of installation is significantly less expensive than the cost of installation of real porcelain or ceramic tiles. 

Hardwood installation is also a lot more laborious and requires professional installation 100% of the time, however LVT replicates the look of genuine hardwood yet also offers the easy click in installation that practically any homeowner can do him/her self. 

6. Affordability

This one is kind of the key to the rising popularity of LVT. Laminate flooring which is in the same price range as LVT still lacks the durability and comfort of LVT even though it is roughly the same cost. Hardwood is a lot more expensive than LVT ranging from $5-$9 per square foot, and tile in a similar range. 

Glue down LVT starts at just $2.25 per square foot for glue down LVT and $2.89 per square foot for click in LVT. 

Taking into account how amazing LVT materials have become, how beautiful it looks, and how durable it is just proves that the small price is worth it. LVT is a top tier flooring material, there is no other material that even comes close to matching its durability and look for this price point. 

If you are planning on beginning a remodeling project in the coming months we recommend that you give LVT a consideration. It’s well worth the money and will prove to be the greatest flooring investment that you could possibly make. 

LVT is a hot trend! It’s sticking around for a while, and we welcome you to try it out.