trending 2016

trending 2016

Vinyl Flooring is trending in 2016, here's why!
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Time to get new floors, what is the number one choice on your wish list? Most likely something prestigious, fitting the style of your home. A floor that will be worth boasting about! Typically we think of Hardwood, Tile, or maybe Stone. What if there was something that could replace all of those for less than half the cost? Without skimping on style, luxury, durability, and is super simple to install. This may sound to good to be true but in fact isn’t with todays luxury and sheet vinyl. 

This isn’t the vinyl that your mother used to have. Or even the vinyl in those old 60s diners. Today vinyl has evolved into something much better, it’s time to let go of the old and embrace the masterpiece the 21st century has brought us. In the last few years alone the popularity of luxury vinyl tile or LVT has skyrocketed amongst homeowners; here’s why.


In the last few years alone, vinyl flooring has become increasingly more durable. Manufacturers are providing decade long or even lifetime warranties on all of their products. Durability is one of the most appealing benefits of vinyl flooring for homes with pets and young children. Being scratch and tear resistant guarantees peace of mind and worry free living. Hardwood is a dangerous material to have in the kitchen because of constant water damage, and even the most durable tile can experience yellowing or even chipping. Vinyl being as inexpensive as it is compared to other materials is much more durable. Most vinyl is water resistant if not waterproof, and the permeated color layer that most solid or composite vinyls have ensures that even when the floors are scratched there will be no visible mark but rather a consistent pattern and style. 

extreme design options

LVT is a direct competitor of hardwood, tile, and stone in durability but is entirely outside of every other materials league when it comes to available styles and designs. Hardwood is limited to wood and stain types. Stone is limited to the natural patterns in the environment. Tile is more customizable but nowhere near as much as luxury vinyl. Just to give you a taste of the variety here are some hip styles you can achieve with vinyl. 

yes, it looks real!

Surprisingly LVT does a great job in replicating the high end looks of natural materials. Luxury vinyl can replicate any imaginable hardwood, porcelain & ceramic tiles, marble, granite, travertine, and even create looks that have never been created or are not possible naturally. 

With advanced imaging technology photographic images of natural materials can be transferred directly onto the vinyl. Further, with embossing and laser engraving technology even the desired texture can be achieved to create an indistinguishable look and feel. The amount of attention to detail involved in the process is spectacular. We guarantee you will not be able to tell the difference between LVT and the real thing without getting into the details. If you don’t believe us we invite you to come by our showroom and we will show you just how realistic it is. 

diy installation

If you know the installation process for hardwood floors, or even tile. You know that it is nearly impossible to do it yourself. 
Unless you are willing to spend tons of money on equipment and spending the time learning how to use it all correctly you are looking at a your only choice: paying a professional to do it for you! Even hiring a professional will require tons of preparation before hand and not such a quick installation either. Since most materials cannot be laid on top of pre-existing floors you must rip up the old material, clean the subfloor, level it, and only then install. All of this is expensive and time consuming. 

Vinyl flooring comes out as the winner here as well. You don’t always have to get rid of the flooring underneath. Most of the time vinyl can be laid right on top of a pre-existing floors with minimal preparation and cleaning (consult with a professional before installing on top). If you are a do it yourself fanatic, vinyl flooring is your dream option. Most homeowners can begin and finish an installation project in one weekend with very little prior experience. The multitude of online resources will guide you through the whole entire process. Not convinced yet? Installing vinyl also doesn't require many fancy expensive tools, long story short you will end up saving tons of money.


Speaking of money, vinyl so far has won in every category (if this was a competition). It matches all other materials in durability, it has limitless design options, looks realistic, is easy to install, and lastly costs less. 

Vinyl ranges from $1-$7 per square foot. 

500 square foot project materials and tools will range from just $1,000-$4,000

Although the material cost is close to the amounts you would find yourself paying for hardwood or even tile, you will find that the luxury vinyl will last decades and requires little maintenance. If you also do end up installing it yourself you will save hundreds of additional dollars compared to other materials. 

but is vinyl flooring right for you? 

We weighed the pros and cons of vinyl flooring and helped you answer that question a few weeks back. If you missed it feel free to go take a look here!